This one time, I saw a really fast pigeon. Its twitchy nature drives me to this day.

I'm Sean Connell. I photograph things that interest me around Seattle and Portland, and sometimes the coast. I have a love of the surreal, B&W, and obviously film. Increasingly many of my shots are processed (usually in D76) in house. I strive to compose in camera, and attempt to minimize superfluous post-processing. 


I also do darkroom B&W wet prints of my images. I'm working towards developing the necessary foundation of material and skill to be able to do photo montage, a la Scott Mutter. I'm not there yet.


I shoot primarily on the following cameras (broken down by format) 

  • 110 Pentax auto 110
  • 135 Minolta x700 (sometimes retina IIa)
  • 645 Mamiya 1000s
  • 6x6 Flyer (From Clint O'Conner, pinhole camera)

The film I use tends to be one of the following, though I'm experimenting most of the time as well.

  • Ektar 100
  • Kodak Gold 200
  • Tri-x
  • Tmax 100
  • Ultrafine extreme 400

I've only used D76 for developers thus far, though I'm branching out into Rodinal.